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In Germany, many affected persons of the Moebius syndrome are recognised as being severly disabled according to the German Disabled Persons Act. As a result, they are eligible to make use of compensations for disadvantages or are considered to be dependent on care in accordance with the nursing care insurance.

After a reorganisation of the relevant ministries, the operating ranges of the former Federal Ministry for Health and Social Security (BMGS) are now assigned to the Federal Ministry for Health (BMG) and the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

You find the (German only) ministry website at:

On those pages, you can find comprehensive information about the topics Disabled Persons Act and nursing care insurance. Furthermore, you can find relevant brochures and guidance booklets which you may download or request by mail.

Moreover, the information portal of the Rhineland Regional Association (LVR) provides comprehensive material at neutral costs:

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