The Moebius syndrome is not very common. The number of affected persons is limited and they surely aren’t to be found near me. Experts are few and far between, if indeed there is anyone or anything that might help.

It’s thoughts like these that are going through the minds of affected persons, their family, friends and relatives when they hear about the diagnosis. We want to help you lighten up your mood.

Year on year, the number of affected members in our association is rising. Additionally, there are more and more international „cases“. At the same time, the group of persons mentioned above and further groups are showing an increased interest.

The objective of the Moebius syndrome association is to encourage exchange, clarify questions and share experiences. And much more. Don’t hestitate to get in touch with us!

Various contact persons spread across Germany are at your disposal: affected persons, family members, friends. They agreed to provide very personal information for the sake of the cause. You are welcome to use this opportunity. We are looking forward to hearing from you.